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You have the power to bring gigabit broadband to your street!

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We need your help to spread the word. The first zone (area) to meet the goal gets authorized for construction. The other zones will follow as they qualify for construction. It's very important that we spread the news within each zone about this exciting new service. If you are outside one of the zones, we still need you to rally your neighbors as we need to know where to go next. 

Benefits of Fiber


    Fiber optic connections use light to transmit data, so signals travel at higher speeds and greater distances than any other connection. The bandwidth of fiber optic lines is capable of transmitting more data over longer distances than any other technology — more than cable or DSL.


    Unlike traditional cable, Fiber Optic connections are dedicated and not shared with your neighbors, so your internet will be consistently fast with no slow downs. 


    Made of glass with an insulating core, fiber optic lines are immune to many of the environmental factors that can cause cable service interruptions. The reliability of fiber optics makes it a very good choice for businesses that require the internet to stay up and running.


    Providing more bandwidth than we currently know what to do with, fiber optic technology will be the leading form of transmission for a long time to come.


Internet Speeds up to 1 GIG!

NCTC is a local internet, TV and phone provider with a next-generation fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) network. Founded in 1951, NCTC serves Allen County, Kentucky, and northern middle Tennessee in Lafayette, Westmoreland, Bethpage, Defeated, Pleasant Shade, Red Boiling Springs and Hermitage Springs. We recently expanded our service area into northern Trousdale County through a grant from the RUS (Rural Utilities Service).

Our fiber network allows us to provide you with not only blazing-fast internet speeds but also high-definition television and unlimited phone services. And, you can count on NCTC for a friendly, personal customer experience and 24/7 technical support that far exceeds other service providers.

We are often asked, "How do I get NCTC FIBER services in my neighborhood?"

By registering your address and answering a short questionnaire, we will be able to determine when we have enough interest to start building fiber in your neighborhood. You will be able to visit the site to see how we are progressing to meet our goals. 

New Fiber Areas  

Drakes Ridge in Warren County, Kentucky

 NCTC plans to provide service in this new subdivision by the end of 2017. This area may be expanded depending on the level of interest demonstrated by the surrounding area residents. If you are building in this neighborhood or live in surrounding areas, we want to hear from you. Enter your address to register and become a backer.

Oak Grove in Sumner County, Tennessee

Several area residents have expressed interest in getting NCTC's fiber optic internet over the past few years. If you live in this area and would like to have an NCTC fiber connection, enter your address and fill out a short questionnaire to let us know and become a backer. The timetable for this project will be determined by the level of interest demonstrated by residents.

Other Communities

We are ready to expand NCTC fiber to new communities, and we need your help to decide where to build next. NCTC will commit to bringing fiber in the areas that receive the most support and reach their "backer" goal. The more backers we have in a zone, the more likely we are to bring fiber to your home!   


Enjoy surfing the web, streaming movies, online gaming, and so much more--on multiple devices--with speeds up to 1 Gigabit per second (1,000 Mbps).     

TV Services

Experience superior TV service in high definition for everyone in the family, including local stations for weather and sports.  

Residential Telephone

Service includes unlimited long distance plus all you favorite calling features like caller ID, 3-way calling, voicemail, etc.  Also includes advanced calling features like sequential / simultaneous ring. Use our mobile app on your cell phone or desktop to make and answer calls, no matter where you are.

Security Services

Protect your home with a state-of-the-art security system, including 24-hour monitoring and smart home technologies.  


Save money and time by bundling services with NCTC. 

Areas Fiber Ready

Areas where fiber optic service is currently available.

Areas Gathering Interest

Areas where a goal must be met before service will be made available.

Claypool-Boyce Update 2

3:26pm February 21, 2019

Claypool-Boyce Phase One expected to be complete summer 2019

The first phase of bringing world-class fiber to the Claypool-Boyce area is moving right along, with NCTC currently in the process of securing right-of-way access for some of the build. 

Amid record rainfall amounts, overall construction has been delayed in an effort to minimize damage to property. With that, residents should expect service by mid-summer.

Those in the phase one area can expect a knock on their doors in the near future as NCTC contractors drop by to explain the process in more detail. Additionally, NCTC will contact you by phone or mail to schedule an appointment for installation once service is available in your area.

To show interest or to stay up to date about when fiber internet may be coming to your neighborhood, be sure to sign up at fiber.NCTC.com.

Claypool-Boyce Update

2:23pm October 31, 2018

Fiber internet coming soon to Claypool-Boyce

The first of three phases of work needed to bring NCTC’s world-class fiber internet to the Claypool-Boyce is nearing completion.

Work on the right of way is in progress, and boring near Highway 231 will begin once we receive state permits. Crews should begin work by mid-November.

You are the reason NCTC is able to bring some of the fastest internet available to your neighborhood. If you haven’t already been contacted, expect a knock on your door soon regarding potential fiber placement.

To show interest or to stay up to date about when fiber internet may be coming to your neighborhood, be sure to sign up at fiber.NCTC.com.

NCTC will be set up at Parade of Homes

3:32pm September 6, 2018

Make plans to attend the 2018 Parade of Homes, Sept. 13-16 where builders, furnishers and providers will be showing off the latest trends in craftsmanship and technology. NCTC will be onsite throughout the event at the entrance to the Drakes Ridge subdivision with examples of how fiber internet can transform your house into the smart home of your dreams. 

With the fastest internet available, your entire home can run automatically. Whether it's a video-controlled doorbell you can talk through, an automatic thermostat that knows when you're home, a fire alarm that automatically calls a company or a lighting system that changes depending on the time of day, you can save money and stay safe with the latest in smart home technology. 

Stop by NCTC's mobile office to learn more about how you can make sure fiber is available where you plan to build, or to provide NCTC with the level of interest in your neighborhood.

NCTC Gig Broadband brings family to Drakes Ridge

2:12pm June 28, 2018

Meet the Marquezes.

Searching for a new home, David and Leolie Marquez, along with their teenage children, were looking for the best of both worlds: great internet and rural living.

David teaches Sculpture in the Department of Art at Western Kentucky University in nearby Bowling Green, and Leolie does marketing for a global company, where she spends 70 percent of her day videoconferencing from home.

Their children, 14-year-old David and 12-year-old Gabriella, attend Greenwood High School and Drakes Creek Middle School, respectively. The two find themselves using the internet for homework research, as well as entertainment.

The search for somewhere near David’s university with the broadband capability for Leolie’s job, led them to Drakes Ridge, where NCTC had recently built fiber to the home access at the request of homeowners in the area.

As the first residents of the subdivision and the first to sign up for NCTC’s newly built fiber connection, the Marquezes are laying the foundation for what will be a well-connected community.

Fiber coming to Claypool-Boyce area in three phases

12:38pm May 30, 2018

Due to the overwhelming response from the Claypool-Boyce area, NCTC is bringing high-speed fiber connections to Southeast Warren County, near the Allen County line. The Claypool-Boyce fiber build will be broken into three phases to accommodate the large area and great interest.  

The engineering, design and staking for phase 1 will begin shortly. And with cooperation from the weather, both engineering and construction should take just a few months. NCTC will keep you updated as the timeline progresses.

You and your neighbors made this happen, and NCTC is excited to bring world-class fiber internet to your neighborhood. Expect a knock on your door soon regarding potential fiber placement.

You may notice some of the zones changing as we refine our distribution area. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue to develop our target areas. To show interest or stay up to date on when fiber internet may be coming to your neighborhood, be sure to sign up at fiber.NCTC.com


4:19pm April 6, 2018

North Central recently received approval for an infrastructure loan to make broadband available throughout the service area, and much of the expansion will include fiber to the premises — a fiber network will lead directly to your home or business.


Hillsdale exchange — Expect service availability later this year.
Willette area — Almost complete; North Central is currently selecting a contractor to finish the remainder.


Green Grove — Engineering will begin soon. 

NCTC excited to move into Warren County

1:21pm October 24, 2017

NCTC and Stewart Richey unveil new ‘Gig Neighborhood’

12:32pm September 18, 2017

Officials from NCTC and Stewart Richey gathered with contractors and members of the media for the the unveiling of a “Gig Neighborhood” sign Monday. The ceremony was held to welcome NCTC to Warren County and designate Drakes Ridge as the newest subdivision to have access to some of the fastest broadband speeds in the country.

A nationally certified Gig Capable Provider, NCTC will offer residents broadband internet, digital TV packages and voice over IP phone service. NCTC’s advanced internet connections are capable of speeds higher than those available in many of the nation’s largest cities — up to a gig, which is 1,000 megabits per second.

“We’ve been met with a tremendous response from people in Warren County who are excited about a reliable, lightning-fast fiber internet connection backed by the high level of customer service NCTC is known for,” says Nancy White, CEO of NCTC. Based in Lafayette, Tennessee, NCTC serves nearby Scottsville, Kentucky.

The company began work this summer building its advanced fiber network into Bowling Green in support of KentuckyWired, the state’s program focused on building a fiber backbone, or middle mile, across Kentucky.

Pictured in the photo from left to right are: Johnny Young of NCTC, Troy Davis of NCTC, Tim Collins of NCTC, Scottie Perdue of NCTC, Anthony Reid of NCTC, Clint Carter of NCTC, Patrick Coley of NCTC, Greg Ballou of NCTC, Anthony Morgan of NCTC, Eric Ramsey of NCTC, Bob Smith of NCTC, Nancy White of NCTC, Roddy Grimes of Stewart Richey, Buster Stewart of Stewart Richey, Rodney Rogers of Stewart Richey, Ryan Stokes of Stewart Richey and contractor Barret Hammer.

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