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We need your help to spread the word. The first zone (area) to meet the goal gets authorized for construction. The other zones will follow as they qualify for construction. It's very important that we spread the news within each zone about this exciting new service. If you are outside one of the zones, we still need you to rally your neighbors as we need to know where to go next. 

Benefits of Fiber


    Fiber optic connections use light to transmit data, so signals travel at higher speeds and greater distances than any other connection. The bandwidth of fiber optic lines is capable of transmitting more data over longer distances than any other technology — more than cable or DSL.


    Unlike traditional cable, Fiber Optic connections are dedicated and not shared with your neighbors, so your internet will be consistently fast with no slow downs. 


    Made of glass with an insulating core, fiber optic lines are immune to many of the environmental factors that can cause cable service interruptions. The reliability of fiber optics makes it a very good choice for businesses that require the internet to stay up and running.


    Providing more bandwidth than we currently know what to do with, fiber optic technology will be the leading form of transmission for a long time to come.


Internet Speeds up to 1 GIG!

NCTC is a local internet, TV and phone provider with a next-generation fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) network. Founded in 1951, NCTC serves Allen County, Kentucky, and northern middle Tennessee in Lafayette, Westmoreland, Bethpage, Defeated, Pleasant Shade, Red Boiling Springs and Hermitage Springs. We recently expanded our service area into northern Trousdale County through a grant from the RUS (Rural Utilities Service).

Our fiber network allows us to provide you with not only blazing-fast internet speeds but also high-definition television and unlimited phone services. And, you can count on NCTC for a friendly, personal customer experience and 24/7 technical support that far exceeds other service providers.

We are often asked, "How do I get NCTC FIBER services in my neighborhood?"

By registering your address and answering a short questionnaire, we will be able to determine when we have enough interest to start building fiber in your neighborhood. You will be able to visit the site to see how we are progressing to meet our goals. 

New Fiber Areas  

Drakes Ridge in Warren County, Kentucky

 NCTC plans to provide service in this new subdivision by the end of 2017. This area may be expanded depending on the level of interest demonstrated by the surrounding area residents. If you are building in this neighborhood or live in surrounding areas, we want to hear from you. Enter your address to register and become a backer.

Oak Grove in Sumner County, Tennessee

Several area residents have expressed interest in getting NCTC's fiber optic internet over the past few years. If you live in this area and would like to have an NCTC fiber connection, enter your address and fill out a short questionnaire to let us know and become a backer. The timetable for this project will be determined by the level of interest demonstrated by residents.

Other Communities

We are ready to expand NCTC fiber to new communities, and we need your help to decide where to build next. NCTC will commit to bringing fiber in the areas that receive the most support and reach their "backer" goal. The more backers we have in a zone, the more likely we are to bring fiber to your home!