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Fiber network phases to completion

3:10PM March 25, 2020

Warren RECC and NCTC are building a fiber network to serve homes and businesses in southeast Warren County. Fiber is the fastest, most advanced way to deliver internet service to meet our needs today and into the future. We have outlined the steps to bringing this service to you.

Planning — Warren RECC and NCTC have worked to develop a build out plan that will progress in seven areas for the fiber network. View the areas here. Anyone living in these areas is encouraged to request service now. It’s a fast, easy process, and those who request early will be serviced first in that area.
Preorder — Warren RECC and NCTC work hard to notify homes and businesses in these areas before construction begins, encouraging people to preorder fiber service. This allows Warren RECC and NCTC to go ahead and build out to the houses earlier, so that customers can be connected sooner. Click here to learn more about preordering, and be sure to tell your neighbors, too.  
Construction — Crews do the laborious job of running fiber along the predetermined routes. One area will be finished before crews move on to the next area. After an area is completed, a representative will contact everyone in that area who has preordered service to schedule an appointment for a drop to be installed on the exterior of their home. This brings the fiber to your home and prepares you for the final phase. 
Installation — When the drops have been completed, NCTC will contact you to schedule an appointment to install fiber internet, starting with those who preordered service. During installation, a small box called an ONT, or optical network terminal, is installed in the interior of your home. Once a wireless router, either purchased through NCTC (highly recommended) or yourself is connected, you’re ready to enjoy all the benefits of blazing-fast broadband. 

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